Enlightened Equitation: Riding in True Harmony with Your Horse - Kindle/iBooks edition December 22 2015, 0 Comments

Heather Moffett's best-selling book "Enlightened Equitation: Riding in True Harmony with Your Horse" is now available for Kindle and iBooks!

In four parts and currently on sale from only £1.99 per part, the perfect treat for yourself or a friend.

Enlightened Equitation - Part 1 covers an Introduction to Enlightened Equitation and Chapters 1-3 (Enlightened Approach, Position and Balance, Interaction with the Horse's Movement).

Enlightened Equitation - Part 2 consists of Chapters 4-7 (Learning Feel, The Aids - An Explanation, The Application of the Aids, and Understanding Schooling Terms). 

Enlightened Equitation - Part 3 encompasses Chapters 8-10 (Turns and Circles, Transitions and Half Halts, and Rhythm and Expression)

Enlightened Equitation - Part 4 contains Chapter 11 (Lateral Work), a completely new chapter not included in the first edition of Enlightened Equitation.  

Here are some reviews of Heather's book, we'd love to hear yours!