Last few items in our sale

Having reached 70 years of age, I have decided to try to make a bit more "me" time to enjoy my horses before I am too decrepit! Earlier this year, Elisha Willett and Surestride Saddles took over the FlexEE range of saddles, and whilst I am still involved, it is far less time consuming.

I intend to concentrate on the Vogue saddle, available on finance from 1 March 2024, so will not be retiring altogether, and also my individual teaching of riders on their own horses, simulator lessons and the online EE teacher training. Hardly retirement!

However, the majority of our online shop products will be run down and will not be restocked, and will only sell the Vogue and my Harbourne stirrups. I will sadly be discontinuing the Seatbone Saver and Backsaver pad after over thirty years on the market, as we can no longer get the special foam unless we buy huge blocks at very considerable outlay.

Heather Moffett