Eventer Gavin Connell's horse BaileyEventer Gavin Connell's horse Bailey

Bailey working beautifully in his new Heather Moffett, soft tree Vogue saddle.
For the past 12+ months we’ve struggled with various saddles and their fit, not so much statically, but more so dynamically - as his large shoulders caused everything to roll and create a point of tension behind his scapula / base of withers, creating the occasional odd step behind … Having experimented with various panels, seats, brands and gullet systems. Investigations into the realms of PSD of the hind suspensorys, potential changes in the hocks, stifles, SI issues and kissing spine at the age of 17 it didn’t seem to be ridiculous, you have to accept there’s going to be a degree of wear and tear and it’s not like he’s easy on himself, constantly weaving / throwing himself about the box etc, - all pretty much drew a blank.
Over the Summer I opted to take a step back from the pressures of competing and school him bareback, sitting only on a memory foam pad. Have to admit, I wasn’t sure if this was completely ideal, as obviously I’m sitting directly on his spine but at the same time it eliminated the obvious issue of a saddle and points the tree / stirrup bars create. Surprisingly a lot of his issues subsided and his demeanour became a lot easier to deal with. So I got in touch with Heather, whom I’ve known since the mid 90’s to discuss her soft tree range of saddles, she recommended the “Vogue”.
The memory foam panels and seat mold beautifully and comfortably both to Baileys back and my buttocks - it’s got to be one of the comfiest saddles I’ve ever sat in .. 💕💕 and the bridging/ rolling has stopped. His most recent Chiropractic treatment being a solid thumbs up 👍🏻- Thank you Heather for letting me pick your brains and constantly sharing your knowledge .. 💕💕


6 yr old Freddie and Shetland "Biggles", in the Pad-dle. Mum is thrilled with the change in Freddie's position as his former pony pad put Freddie in a chair seat. It is so important that small children too are started off in a saddle that allows them to sit correctly and it seems we have cracked it! We now offer it with a flocked panel as well as the Velcro EVA panels.


WOW!! I have just had EE saddle fitter, Louise Yendell out for me to try the Flexee dressage saddle on my 3 yr old TB mare, it was amazing, within seconds of sitting in it I knew I was going to buy one! In all my years with horses I have never ridden in such a comfortable saddle, i actually felt my horses back moving properly!!

I had reservations before trying it which may help others who are considering buying one. The first was that my mare is a 3 year old and if she shot off would the saddle move around, I can guarantee you it did not at all! Also I worried that I would feel perched, again I did not at all, in fact I felt totally at one with my horse and could really feel her moving. Also the shims worried me and getting them just right, but Louise showed me how simple it actually was.

Thank you Heather for an enlightening saddle!!

Louise Daly


I just received my Flexee Finesse here in Seattle, WA. and i have got to say, short of the vogue, this is arguably the most beautiful saddle I've ever seen of yours! I've had 2 generations of fhoenix, and a flexee. WOW Heather, you have outdone yourself. big round of applause to you and your team!

Allyson Weuston


Hello Heather! Just want to say thank you for your amazing creation - the fabulous Vogue! Perhaps you remember my rant about impossible to fit horse & my recovering from the multiple recent injuries body. I rode in my new Vogue last night. I sat on my horse 4 times only over the last year & bare back only. Last night was special: first time in full tack, all movement, he took my offer to canter, I had zero pain!! The saddle fits him, too. 5 years of saddle search & over a dozen different saddle, none fit him. But Vogue - is a glove. It's my new love of my life, lol) I'm FEI rider since 15 yo, who thought it's over for me now. Until last night. You gave me more than a saddle. You gave me hope. I'm nearly in tears writing this to you. Thank you so much.

I'm still in shock, couldn't believe that I can ride again!!!! Treed saddles have to shift in order to accommodate my body, this will cause horrible damage to the horse. But your saddle ADJUSTS to me instead! Wow. Just wow. And that close contact feeling that I was after since my first GP horse back in 1998.... I always complained that my stallions performed better bareback, than in $5K saddles lol).

Here is me well:

Then I went to this in a blink

And last night


I'm so relieved to find a saddle that really seems to work for this mare, she has been a total nightmare with being an xxw part Arab with a bit of a wither - the muscle wastage was also a challenge and every other saddle was too flat or too narrow (I think we went through about 12!). I would have retired her if this hadn't worked which would have been a real shame as she is still keen to work. 

The FlexEE seems to mould to her odd shape and has been the only thing she can consistently work in. It really helps that the stirrup bars are so well placed - I've been battling with that since I began riding 20 odd years ago. In fact the whole EE methodology fits this mare and I so well, I can't believe we hadn't discovered it sooner - I recommend the book to everyone now, it is my bible! I'll certainly also be looking at the leather FlexEEs for future horses too.

Thank you once again. 


My FlexEE on my Mustang mare doing a 15 mile intro endurance ride. My girl got A's on her back score!


Just wanted to share photos of my Highland and I doing dressage, SJ, XC and Trec - all using our GP FlexEE saddle. Love it!



Bob's FlexEE had it's Trec debut yesterday at a taster session - and he won the competition in his group and was overall joint winner with the highest score of the day (exactly joint with his friend and travelling buddy Cindy). Another thing to add to the list of activities my FlexEE has been to!


Just wanted to say a massive 'thank you' to Sue Harwood for coming out to see my mare with a view to purchasing a Heather Moffett saddle for her. I had never met Sue before but she turned up with a huge welcoming smile which immediately put me at ease. Sue had the most wonderful way about her and it was only minutes before my very sensitive mare took to her which is no easy task! Sue had all the time in the world for me, being very understanding and patient as I was very nervous after having my share of so called saddle fitters previously! Sue is so easy to get along with and explains everything in detail. I am so looking forward to seeing her tomorrow as she is carrying out physio on my mare. If anyone is looking for an honest saddle fitter/physio, then I highly recommend her. Thank you so much Sue xx