HM Pad-dle

Elisha Willett and SureStride Saddles will be taking over sales of the FlexEE range of saddles, the FlexEE Synthetic, the Finale and the Pad-dle, with immediate effect. The brand will still be owned by me, but Elisha will undertake sales worldwide. I will however, be keeping on sales of the Vogue saddles, as it is less work being manufactured in the UK, so no hassle with import etc. I want to spend more time with my horses now, at 70 years of age in May, and also concentrating on trying to promote French Classical equitation through online courses.

Elisha is one of our Enlightened Equitation teachers and also has an Equisimulator, so I wish her every success in this venture, and I know that I can rely on her to give it her best. No one could accuse Elisha of a lack of enthusiasm!

Heather Moffett


Introducing the Pad-dle, a cross between a pony pad and a treeless saddle. Built on a tree shaped leather base, incorporating the sweat flap, the Pad-dle has been designed with children in mind on wide, flat ponies, and it will suit adults no heavier than 10.5 stones on similarly wide, flat cobs. Heavier riders should look at our FlexEE leather treed range which can take riders up to 14.5 stones. The Pad-dle is made from soft top quality hide, and has closed loop stirrup bars, so safety stirrups are strongly advised. For small children though, we would still advise safety stirrups be used, on any saddle. The Pad-dle is fully acceptable in the show ring, giving a very traditional look, and also ensuring a very correct position with set back stirrup bars to allow easy achievement of the ear/shoulder/hip/heel line of balance. The Pad-dle has the option of velcroed ‘EVA’Cushion’ Owen foam half panels, especially suited to the real ‘table top’ pony, or with French full panels flocked with serge, for those that need a little more shoulder support.  

The Pad-dle is made in sizes 14” and 15”,  and can also have  longer flaps and a  higher cantle if the buyer requires, but there will be an extra charge for customising. 

There seems to be a particular shortage of well designed saddles for children. We hope that the Pad-dle will help to fill this void, and assist children to sit in a position that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their riding lives. Available in dressage/showing and GP models, in black and Havana, priced £450. 

The Pad-dle is very easy to fit, and can be adjusted with padding to fit several different ponies of similar size and shape. If the pony despite being wide and flat, still has some wither, please do not hesitate to contact our customer  services and help will  be given by email. Our HM saddle fitters will also be selling the  Pad-dle and there is a list of fitters here on the site.

You may also contact us on or +44 (0)7877 202 950 to purchase or for fitting advice.