Best seller “Enlightened Equitation” kindle/iBooks edition

Heather Moffett

Fantastic review of my book by BHS member, Emma Simmons in the BHS British Horse magazine!! Thank you Emma, so glad it is helping your horse!!

'Since receiving my copy of Heather Moffett’s newly and extensively revised book, ‘Enlightened Equitation’ I am finding it very hard to put it down!
Being first taught to ride bareback at the age of two by my gung-ho ex-Landgirl godmother and then by a number of instructors of varying skill and approach after that, my riding style could be described as a bit of a lucky mish-mash at the best of times! I know I’ve picked up some bad habits as well as a few ‘Chinese whispers’ over the years, yet I’m confident that with the help of this book I’ll at last be able to lay many of them to rest - replacing them with increased awareness, knowledge and the technical skill I have been yearning for. I am also very keen to deepen my understanding of the Classical Seat, improve my own fitness, flexibility and understanding of how my own physicality affects that of the horse. As luck would have it, last year I became the fortunate owner of a beautiful black 5 year old Trakehner gelding, who although much loved and impeccably cared for in his previous home, was labelled as lazy, obstinate and confrontational. He simply didn’t fit into the eventing mould or respond well to the approach or work ethic and was quite emotionally shut down when he first came to me last summer. Having had nearly 6 months of R & R I feel he’s now ready to be re-introduced to the concept of being ridden; this time in a different way; the Enlightened Equitation way, which focuses intently on the rider working with, not against the horse.
‘Enlightened Equitation’ is written in a very easy to read, conversational style and is packed with nearly 500 photos and 100 extra pages of really interesting information and top tips. Many of the photos are in sequences, showing it all going wrong but following through the corrections; step by step with clear explanations in the captions, showing how to put it right. Also shown in sequences, are the correct and incorrect ways in which to move with the horse in all paces, something I have never seen depicted in this way, in any other book. Other topics covered include rider position and refinement of the aids through to a very extensive chapter on lateral work. I also appreciate how it is noted that not all of us are too keen on the concept of falling off – I’m certainly not as I don’t bounce like I used to! The emphasis is very much on improving our seat and feel to a level where falling off is far less likely – now that’s more like it!
Whilst reading ‘Enlightened Equitation’, I’ve had many more ‘light-bulb moments’ than I’ve had in all my riding lessons put together. I’m so excited to have this information at my fingertips; I just need to start to put it into practise now.
Thank you Heather – and thank you from my horses too... this book has already begun to change all our lives for the better!’

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