HM Saddle Fitting June 2015

Nicki Elliott #career #flexee #hmsaddles #vogue

Another successful HM Saddle Fitters' course, lots of information imparted and happy newly-qualified fitters - see the feedback on our Enlightened Equitation Facebook group

Hannah Stansfield shared the changes in her horse Paddy's back shape, saddle fitted by approved HM Saddle Fitter Viv Moss:

"Changes in Paddy's back shape. Black ink is from April, blue from today. This is from two months of riding twice a week in a Heather Moffett FlexEE and it's essentially allowed Paddy to build correct and even muscles across his back. He still likes to chuck his right hip up to send the saddle skewy though - a tad more chiropracting required there to straighten his pelvis up."

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