The importance of correct saddle fitting

Nicki Elliott #flexee #hmsaddles

Balancing a saddle is a very important part of fitting:

"After i posted the other day that my VSD felt like it was tipping me forward and i was utterly despondant - I tried my friends wonderful Dressage FlexEE and was shocked it felt so different. So today armed with my Le Meiux Shim pad I shimmed the hell out of the front ( put in a thick shim at the front), the result I AM SURE ITS NOT THE SAME DAM SADDLE!! seriously. Just tipping the front up a few cm's changed my position and how safe i felt! I'm sorry Heather I had my doubts but one small change and suddenly my HM stirrups feel like the safest thing that have graced my feet and the saddle feels like its supporting my position! I shall not doubt again!!! Can't wait till Viv can fit it properly!"

Correct fitting of the HM FlexEE saddle

Make sure when ordering a FlexEE or Vogue saddle, that you get free* advice from your local approved HM Saddle fitter or through Heather at

* Free advice is for new saddle orders only, there is a small £25 charge for advice for second hand saddle fitting

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