Hard rubber pelham


We use the hard rubber mullen mouth Pelham to encourage relaxation of the jaw in the horse. Once the jaw is relaxed, the poll and topline also relax, enabling the horse to work through from behind. The bit should NEVER be used with roundings, as this negates the separate action of the reins and will  keep the curb on all of the time.  We often use this much maligned bit, with only an elastic curb chain. It encourages self carriage in the horse and when used correctly allows the neck to build good topline musculature without the strong contact that so many use with a snaffle. It is a bit that is particularly suited to horses that have become deadened to the snaffle or ridden without being encouraged to go ‘on the bit’. It is not at all the severe bit that many people assume it to be, so many horses go quietly and softly on a very light contact, and this prevents the rider using strong hand pressure to try to bring the head down.

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