Enlightened Equitation: Riding in True Harmony with Your Horse by Heather Moffett

Enlightened Equitation: Riding in true harmony with your horse by Heather Moffett

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Heather Moffett’s bestselling book, ‘Enlightened Equitation’ first printed in 1999, and running into 6 editions in English and two each in Dutch and German,is now revised and fully updated. Many delighted readers of the original version, considered it to be the ultimate book demystifying riding. The revised version has one hundred extra pages and nearly 500 new colour photographs, many depicting sequences where the rider is having a problem, Heather showing clearly how this is corrected, with extensive captions, further enhancing the text.

Especially of interest is the chapter on lateral work, with nearly one hundred photographs showing how to achieve these movements, Heather also highlights the pitfalls frequently encountered when first learning lateral exercises, and shows how to overcome them.

Foreword is by Patrick Print, OBE,
FBHS, former chairman of the British Horse Society.

256 pages, hardback.

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