FlexEE Dressage knee rolls
FlexEE VSD/GP knee rolls

HM FlexEE knee blocks

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Velcro-on FlexEE knee blocks. There are two sizes of dressage knee rolls, standard and large. The large are only suitable for the 18” dressage saddle, the standard are suitable for 16,17 and 18”.

Although moulded for the FlexEE, these can be used on any saddle that takes velcroed knee rolls. It is possible to really assist position even on a GP saddle with forward placed stirrup bars, by putting larger dressage rolls as far back as the Velcro will allow. It will help to prevent the leather swinging forwards and taking your leg into a chair position.

FlexEE VSD and GP knee rolls are available in one standard size.

Black or brown synthetic leather.

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